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Michael Fothergill Principal Instructor of Fothergill Chi Kung

Michael teaches and practices various styles of Chi Kung including, 5 Element Chi Kung, Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, Zhan Zhuang, and Fragrant Qigong as well as a range of customised courses including Nei Dan practices, for individuals, and groups. Michaelís own Chi Kung journey began in 1978, where a Kung Fu club he attended in Newcastle also offered the 8 Strands of Brocade Chi Kung, In 1979 his master returned to Honk Kong after which the clubs popularity began to gradually decline until finally closing three months later in 1980. Several months passed before he found another Kung Fu instructor, but in 1999 Michael suffered a collapsed lung after a contact Kung Fu session and on medical advice,careful consideration and refection gave up his martial arts and decided to†contentrate the remainder of his life to the healing art of Chi Kung. He eventually found a Tai Chi class that also taught Chi Kung and has practiced daily since then. Over the years he has attended several workshops and seminars on both wei dan (external) and nei dan (internal) styles and techniques.

Michael is a lecturer in complementary therapies and mediation, a reiki master teacher, hypnotherapy consultant and a foot health professional. He has a BA in Education and Learning †and is a qualified NVQ trainer,assessor and verifier.†He currently holds a full level 3 teaching qualification in Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi for health professionals, and is a member of the Qigong Teachers Association.

Michael teaches regular Chi Kung classes in Ashington, South East Northumberland for the Stroke association and open classes in Cramlington and North Shields. Michael is available for talks and demonstrations to groups, and businesses as well as one to one tuition. He also teaches self-hypnosis combined with meditation and energy awareness.

Stay Well and Happy.

Michael Fothergill BA